Team Building and GPS Courses

Also known as low and high ropes courses, these are constructed group scenarios designed to provide opportunities to learn better communication, problem solving and time management skills as well as learning to work with others, bonding and trust building.

Outdoor courses use horizontal and vertical elements that range from 6 inches to 80 ft off the ground. Element choices are numerous and can consist of cable traverses, catwalks, rope ladders, balance platforms and ground game elements to name a few.

Team building challenges help participants to learn how to push through risks (safe) and obstacles, improve creativity and bonding as well as getting groups out and into a unique environment that increase learning and improve skills a person can take back with them into a work and home environment. Plus, team building course are fun!

Team building courses are an excellent addition to adventure parks or as a stand alone entity. Great for corporate, church, youth and school groups as well as family fun.

American Adventure Park Systems:

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The Team

mike sr edit.jpgMike Holder 

Mike currently serves as the qualification inspector for AAPS, and serves on the inspector certification committee for ACCT. He is the authority in North America for zip line tours and high speed zip lines.

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Patrick100x100.jpgPatrick Avery

Patrick's background includes over 5 years in park systems management.

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Michael Holder Edit.jpgMichael Holder

Michael's experience includes 10 years in park systems maintenance.

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Nick.pngTim Holder

Tim's experience includes more than 4 years in adventure park construction, maintenance and inspections.

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